Company group

We are a family-owned company.

Since 1920 we are successful as a family business.

Best in Quality & Best in Cost – We know how!
Our market is the World. All over the world we compete with the best stamping companies.We are facing that challenge. We produce our parts in Germany.
In the global competition we prevail with highest quality and lowest cost.

We are specialised in technical demanding stamping parts and we develop the tools and the production process our customers need up to series production!Parts such as safety parts and components requiring documentationare our daily business. Complex tests and a full documentation are technical standard.

Our way to best-in-cost solutions is a strict quality- and process management.

  • Avoidingmistakesandwastage.
  • Optimum utilization of raw material and resources.
  • Moderate growth.  Intergenerational long term goals.
  • Our staffs are trained internally. We offer long-term and safe jobs.
    We are growing through the education and training of our employees.
  • Metals are 100% recycled.  The sustainability of this raw material is a several millennium old human knowledge and a forward-looking vision as well.
    We like to work with this raw material.
    We are confident that products made with modern metal material will have long-term market potentials and they will become an indispensable part of sensible ecological and sustainable economic activities.We want to preserve God’s creation.