The Plock Company has a long history. Find more about our history here.

1920 Founded by Mr. Wilhelm Schmidt (1st Generation of entrepreneurs)
1934 Mr. Robert Plock takes the lead of the company (2nd Generation of e.)
1945 Second generation of family Plock (3rd Generation of entrepreneurs)
1990 Marlis Plock takes leadership of the company (4th Generation of entrepreneurs)
1991 Development of company guiding principles
1995 First certification according DIN EN ISO 9002:1994
1996 Implementation of Kaizen in all areas of the company
2000 Founding of Plock tecdeco GmbH
2004 Certification DIN EN ISO 9001 and ISO/ TS 16949
2005 Sven Porepp takes leadership in company (5th Generation of entrepreneurs)
2007 Supplier of the year Award Conti Tech
2007 Innovation Rolled Edge in serial production
2011 Quality improvement – Additional multisensory measurement
2014 Invest in new measurement lab
2016 First serial production of safety parts with AHSS steel
2017 Company takeover of R. Schulze GmbH & Co KG in Menden and implementation into the Plock Group